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Take one of these wonderful and affordable classes to become a better writer. We hold them at the Mechanics' Institute in San Francisco...all year long.

Upcoming Events in San Francisco

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I'm Barbara Santos, the marketing director for the
San Francisco Writers Conference events.
What's with the Hawaii references?  ​Once upon a time I was co-director of the legendary Maui Writers Conference and I've written a few books along the way with my writing partner, celebrity chef Mark Ellman
​My books all have something to do with Hawaii.

I'd suggest you buy a copy of Practice Aloha at Mark's restaurants in Lahaina.  For what they are charging online, you can practically pay for the trip to Maui!


It's me, Barbara Santos.

Here is what I do.

SF Writing for Change

This event in September is for writers who want to change the world with their words.        Could that be you?


SFWC in February

held at the Hyatt Regency SF
Our signature event, the San Francisco Writers Conference, brings the writing & publishing industries  together...and you can be there, too!

That's me and Rich Santos. (left)